Thank you Vancouver! February 17th, 2017

The positive response I have been receiving as a result of Wednesday nights's talk, via email and during my visit to my new friends over MEC, has been completely overwhelming. Before it began, I was counting down the seconds until it would be over. Now that it's done, all I can think about is: When can I do it again? This, goes back again to my philosophy of how items of FEAR become those of LOVE. And though I don't have a recording of the talk concerning XBC and my most recent lessons around the theme of APPROVAL, those who missed it can still get a whole lot of good vibes from the Facing Dragons podcast I did late last year: LINK: MP3 Download: If you want to have me speak at their school/club/organization/etc. please get in touch with me by email via <3 B Thank you Corinne Stoltz for the photo.

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