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Inspired by the great migration of the Monarch Butterfly, over the spring and summer of 2020, Benjamin Jordan became the first person to fly, by paraglider, from Mexico to Canada.

Fly Monarca Expedition - 2835 km World Record Paragliding Journey

From Montana to Prince George, BC, in the summer of 2018, Benjamin Jordan became the first person to Paraglide along the entire length of Southern Canada's Rocky Mountains, including the first flight above Jasper National Park's famous "Endless Chain" ridge.

The Endless Chain - 1200 km Canadian Rockies Vol-Biv

During the summer of 2016, Benjamin Jordan became the first person to paraglide over the entire span of Canada's southwest mountain ranges.

This is a growing body of images celebrates the 39-day, solo, unsupported journey from Vancouver to Calgary and the first Canadian vol-biv, from Pacific to Prairie.

XBC - 1000 km Canadian Vol-Biv

In search of the perfect place to build Malawi's first paragliding school, three friends search out the county's most remote regions in order to ultimately find something they had carried with them all along.

The School of Dreams

A photographic companion to the award-winning documentary film. Benjamin Jordan ventures to Malawi to teach kids the joys of kite building and while there, finds a young man who, with Jordan's help, will ultimately become his country's first paraglider pilot.

The Boy Who Flies

Join Benjamin Jordan as he sets a new World Distance Record in Powered Paragliding, flying across Canada and inspiring youth at summer camps all along the way.

Above + Beyond Canada

Four desperate twenty-somethings,
Two paramotors,
A cheap van,
And no clue..


Like oil and water, a Canadian and a Brazilian attempt the first crossing of British Colombia by Powered Paraglider, following the epidemic spread of the Mountain Pine Beetle. What they ultimately discover has nothing to do with insects.

Above + Beyond B.C.

One summer, four young men chose to travel across their country by skateboard to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Having set out with barely enough resources between them to make it half way, five months later, they'd set a new World Distance Record, raised over one million dollars and inspired an entire nation. This is their story.

Push For The Cure

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