Satisfaction August 26th, 2016

Like an orgasm, it's a fleeting feeling, realizing that all that you dreamt of and worked so hard for has come to you and that ultimately, your job as the dreamer is now redundant. In this case it lasted about 1 minute, sandwiched between the terrifying feeling of sinking fast, one last ridge before the Prairies in an increasingly high-wind, turbulent situation without decent landing options -- and topping out at cloud base after having caught a hot core of a spanky thermal, pushing out out of a less-obvious, but wind-sheltered gully. As I soared out into the clearing with 1000 km of massive rocks, valleys and memories behind me, I could feel the dream washing away in the cold Prairie breeze, sending the vision back West for the next pilot who dares find their own way across this incredible landscape. <3 B

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