No Turning Back August 14th, 2016

Moving towards the Pinnacles of Monashee Provincial Park was a terrifying relief. A releif because after 250 km of Okanagan's smaller mountains, terrain I am very unfamiliar with, I knew this was the gateway the big boys and girls awaiting me on the other side. The terror was that I would be the third or fourth person to have ever attempted crossing this 40 km stretch of nothing but old logging slashes and overgrown forestry service roads which would take days to escape, assuming I could even walk after landing back there. Further to that, in 2014, Will Gaad, a top Canadian pilot, had bombed out deep in there and resorted to getting ride out, something XBC's won't allow. I knew if I didn't make it across the Arrow Lakes at the very least that I had at least a 5 day walk North to Revelstoke..

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