XBC #13 Naskusp to Invermere (Extra Content)

This is my 140 km from the West to East Kootenay regions during the 2016 XBC Expedition. Flight #13.

Without landing options most of the way, this was the first time any part of this line had ever been attempted. Words could not describe the joy which rushed through my body having succeeded with this flight.

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Strong The Wind Blows - Trailer (Extra Content)

After losing the love of his life, a Professional Paraglider pilot searches for meaning by embarking upon the most daring series of mountain flights in Canadian history.

Paragliding + Ukulele + Beatbox (Extra Content)

After his 140 km flight across the Canada's Purcel Wilderness, Benjamin Jordan (aka "Dirt") celebrated with a song. Can you guess which one?

Mt. Mackenzie - 3 Days on Launch (Extra Content)

After top-landing above Pemberton, Jordan was stoked and ready to fly the next day.

The weather, it seemed, had other plans..

Grouse Mtn - Alpine Camping (Extra Content)

Though things picked up later on, the first week of Jordan's XBC expedition got off to a slow start.

Here's how he kept busy while stuck on Grouse Mountain, just outside of Vancouver, during three days of low cloud.

Leaving Town (The Start) (Extra Content)

Often, the most challenging part of any journey can be making that first step. But you'll be surprised how fluid you move once you get going.

Rough Start / Pizza Better (Extra Content)

Nothing heals a week of ramen noodles, stable weather and a bruised ego like a fat, greasy, dirty pizza.

XBC #15 Invermere to Banff (Extra Content)

Crossing the Continental Divide as well as Kootenay and Banff National Park beginning in the Columbia Valley / Rocky Mountain Trench. The Divide hasn't been crossed many times and the pilots that have are almost all my idols. Needless to say, I had been terrified of this moment for the ten years I spent dreaming about it.

Cinnamon Girl (Extra Content)

In a cow tunnel outside of Cochrane, AB, the birthplace of paragliding in Canada, I hid from the rain, soaked my pants and played my favourite song.

Romero in Flight (Extra Content)

One of my favourite songs during this trip, performed high above the town of Invermere, BC

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