The Endless Chain - In The Beginning.. (Part 1/5)

Jasper is North America's only park to allow paraglider travel. Despite this, its remoteness and mystery have caused most pilots to steer away from her vast potential. Over the past couple years, I had become fascinated with Jasper's diverse terrain and last summer, obsessed with the idea of becoming the first person to fly her crown jewel.  The Endless Chain is an unmistakable series of unbroken peaks, stretching along a razor thin, 25 km

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The Endless Chain - Press Release

Jan 01, 2019 - Nelson, BC - Last summer, Benjamin Jordan realized his life long dream of flying his paraglider along the entire length of Canada's southern Rocky Mountains.  From Rooseville, Montana to Prince George, BC, the 37-year old, Nelson-based filmmaker flew his wind-powered aircraft across some of BC's and Alberta's most rugged wilderness while having to make strategic landings atop mountain to avoid electrical storms or touc

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The Endless Chain - Gear List

Over the past few weeks I have received many emails from people curious to know what gear I carried throughout The Endless Chain vol-biv. Below his a comprehensive list of everything in my kit.  Paragliding  Ozone Alpina 3 Ozone Ozium 2 Harness (foam removed for

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