The Endless Chain - 1200 km Rockies Vol-Biv

From Montana to Prince George, BC, in the summer of 2018, Benjamin Jordan became the first person to Paraglide along the entire length of Southern Canada's Rocky Mountains, including the first flight above Jasper National Park's famous "Endless Chain" ridge.

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BC-man paraglides from Montana to Prince George

January 1, 2019 - Nelson, BC - Paragliding the entire lenth of Canada's southwestern Rocky Mountains, 38-yearold, Benjamin Jordan has realized his life-long dream of travelling like an eagle and has.. 

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2018-07-08 01 Phillips Creek Maude Peak 79.6 km 3:15 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-09 02 Maude Peak Canal Flats 82.6 km 3:30 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-11 03 Fairmont Ski Resort Invermere 32.2 km 2:05 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-12 04 Mt Swansea Invermere 41.9 km 3:02 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-15 05 Mt Pinto Cutblock 11.8 km 0:54 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-16 06 Mt Pinto Cutblock 14.1 km 2:00 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-17 07 Mt Pinto Golden 116.3 km 5:07 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-22 08 Mt Seven Golden 51.7 km 2:26 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-25 09 Mt Seven Summit Mt Hensley 108.4 km 4:23 download leonardo xcontest
2018-07-28 10 Mt Hensley Cleavis Peak 114.3 km 6:10 download leonardo xcontest
2018-02-29 11 Cleavis Peak Jasper 54.6 km 4:05 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-05 12 The Whistlers Yellowhead Lake 39.5 km 4:41 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-13 13 McKirdy Meadows McKirdy Summit 11.3 km 1:19 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-16 14 McKirdy Summit Tete Jaune 28.5 km 1:09 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-19 15 Mt Goslin McBride 74.3 km 3:24 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-21 16 McBride Peak McBride 36.6 km 2:04 download leonardo xcontest
2018-08-22 17 McBride Peak McBride 9.8 km 0:25 download leonardo xcontest
Flights Only 907.5 km 49:59 download
Walking Portion 294 km reveal in expedition log above
Complete Expedition 1201.5 km
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